Great job on the Chase action on Saturday! We delivered a big turkey and letter to the Othello branch manager demanding that Chase give back 10% of the fees they charge on EBT cards to save the Farmer’s Market Nutrition program for low-income women, children, and seniors.

Women, children, and families marched down MLK to Chase bank carrying signs to Chase Bank as we collectively asked them to give back 10% of their contract –nearly $800,000– and to use those dollars to save Farmers Market Bucks and other food programs.


Photos provided by Inye Wokoma – Ijo Arts Photography

Got Green’s Action on Chase Bank this Saturday demanded attention, calling loudly for Chase to stop benefiting from poor families and seniors.

  • Chase has an $8 million dollar contract with the State of WA to administer EBT cards statewide, profiting each time a new family goes on food stamps. Chase’s contract nearly doubled since the recession started.
  • Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) provides $20 to WIC families & $40 to seniors per season to buy fresh & healthy foods.
  • If the state of WA cuts $100,000 in administrative costs to the Farmers Market Nutrition Program, low income families will lose $893,000 in federal  food dollars. This is BAD MATH!
  • Farmers Market food is locally grown & travels a much shorter distance from the field to the table.  It is healthier for families, communities, and THE PLANET!

You can make an impact TODAY by calling Phyllis Campbell, the Pacific Northwest Vice President of Chase Bank, and telling her to give back 10% of their Washington EBT card contract to save food  programs. CALL HER NOW!

PHONE: 206.500.1677

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