Happy Monday! We are kicking off the “All In for Get Green” e-fundraiser to raise $10,000 in 10 days, from October 27 to November 5. Join us in our last our last hurrah before the end of the fiscal year by making an “online donation”to Got Green.


Donations will support the following projects:

Making Local Green Construction Spending Result in Local Jobs
Three years of organizing will pay off when Seattle’s City Council passes this ordinance to require construction contractors to hire locally from disadvantaged neighborhoods – putting a dent in climate change and unemployment at the same time.

Increasing Low Income Families’ Access to Farmers’ Market Produce
Got Green’s women of color-led Food Access Team has won campaigns at state and local levels to protect and enhance the Farmers Market Nutrition Program and Fresh Bucks Program. Their activism has put extra healthy food dollars into more than 40,000 low income families’ pockets.

Creating Opportunities through Green Internships for Young People of Color
Got Green’s Young Leaders in the Green Movement team is launching an effort to win 100 new living wage internships within the City of Seattle that will lead to sustainable careers for young adults of color.

Got Green is all-inclusive of diverse communities of color in Southeast Seattle and knows that climate change, livable wages, access to healthy foods, and equitable development affects all of us. We need everyone to tackle these tough issues. Rally up your friends and neighbors and join #ALLIN4GOTGREEN to show that we do not play when it comes to environmental and racial justice.

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