by Violet Lavatai, Food Access Team member and Got Green Board Secretary

Today, we are releasing a long-overdue video, titled “Fresh Bucks”! As you all know, the Women in Green (W.I.G) project has been advocating for “Fresh Bucks” program to be implemented in the city budget every year. It is a program that EBT/Food Stamps card-holders can spend $10 at the local Farmer’s Market and get $10 more for fresh produce and fresh fruits.  We are happy to report that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn put $100,000 in the City Budget, which we were grateful and thankful for. Now it is up to the City Council to pass it.

We are also asking the City Council to add another $100,000 to fully fund the program, which would be a total of $200,000 for all of the Seattle Farmer’s Markets. Is it too much to ask?

Well, we are asking … and, hopefully, City Council will find a way to fully fund this program. It is a program that promotes healthier eating and it is good also for the farmers who make their living at the markets.

In making the video, we had scheduling issues, locations canceled because of the weather (you all know Seattle’s weather) and budget problems … (oops, sorry, we never had a budget … hee hee …). But it came down to this: We had fun with our kids, our steering committee W.I.G, Community 2 Community from Bellingham and the countless of voices singing the song.


Today, we will be testify at the City Council Public Hearing at Garfield High School (400 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) at 5:30pm.

Please Call Seattle City Councilmembers. Tell them to FULLY FUND Fresh Bucks in the city budget.

(Click on Photo to watch the video!)

  • Sally J Clark, Council President  206.684.8802Fresh-Bucks-Promo
  • Sally Bagshaw  206.684.8801
  • Tim Burgess  206.684.8806
  • Richard Conlin 206.684.8805
  • Jean Godden 206.684.8807
  • Bruce A. Harrell  206.684.8804
  • Nick Licata 206.684.8804
  • Mike O’Brien 206.684.8800
  • Tom Rasmussen  206.684.8808




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