Good News!

The Farmer’s Market Nutrition Programs (FMNP) did not get cut and are included in our Washington State Senate and House Budgets!

Over the last 4 months Got Green worked to save the FMNP.

With your help we…….

*Collected over 250 petitions
*Organized two grassroots advocacy and lobby trips to Olympia
*Made calls to our legislators
*Sent letters to the editor

 As a Got Green supporter we want to thank you too!

 Please call our Southeast Seattle Legislators and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown to thank them for their work to save this valuable program for our community! The two budget proposals now go through reconciliation but it is highly unlikely that FMNP would be cut at this point!


Message: I’m a Got Green Supporter and I’m calling to say “thank you” for saving  the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Programs!

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (360) 786-7604

37th District Senator Adam Kline (360) 786-7688

37th District Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (360) 786-7944

37th District Rep. Eric Pettigrew (360) 786-7838

11th District Rep. Bob Hasegawa (360) 786-7862

Or 1-800-562-6000

Want to help Got Green keep improving access to healthy and affordable food for our Southeast Seattle neighhorhoods? Email Women in the Green Economy Project Organizer Tammy Nguyen to get involved: or (206) 290-5136

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